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anti corrosion engineering

1- Presentation :

ACS Composites created a department ofACS Anti-Corrosion Engineering.

Our experts at ACS Anti-Corrosion Engineering have over 35 years of experience in the field; they also have very good references in the resolution of industrial problems related to corrosion issues.

ACS Anti-Corrosion Engineering ensures the following benefits :

  • Technical audit for the entire system to assess the impact of corrosion as well as to examine the potential of progress regarding corrosion control ;
  • Recommendations concerning the solutions to the problems identified ;
  • Development of specifications that are related to the implementation of these recommended solutions ;
  • Purchasing assistance before and after placing the order ;
  • Post investment studies and final evaluation ;
  • Examining the impact of corrosion on the performance of the equipments submitted by customers ;
  • Assessment of the corrosion control expected gains.
  • Staff training relative to the customer’s field and activity.


As you know corrosion is defined as the degradation of materials in their environments.

The corrosion protection is crucial for the production tool, and in reducing operating costs and improving the performance and safety of industrial facilities.

The corrosion control based on complex solutions related to :

  • Choice of materials and possibly protections;
  • Packaging of media to which the materials are exposed;
  • Conditions service (temperature, speed, pressure etc.).

Therefore the optimal solution to a problem of corrosion (deterioration of equipment) in industrial environments is a rather complex combination of actions to be undertaken in these three areas. This requires extensive knowledge of :

  • Existing technologies related equipment, materials and their protection;
  • Behavior of different industrial environments with respect to materials and equipment;
  • Impact of operating conditions relating to the production process on the rate of degradation (corrosion).

In general, SMEs and SMIs and even some large industries can’t put the necessary means to internally developed optimal solutions and this approach is hardly economically justified given the interest of SMEs and SMIs to look after their core businesses.

Other hand, and for commercial reasons, holders of technology in equipment, materials and protections are still trying to convince consumers to use their technologies they know well that the optimal solution exists elsewhere.

The commitment to an independent third party such as a subject matter expert, is of great interest. It assists the consumer to achieve its objectives, namely troubleshooting of equipment degradation, in the best conditions of cost, quality and time.

3- Field of intervention :

  • Corrosion of seawater and freshwater systems on cruise ships;
  • Expertise corrosion on equipment used on ships: condensers, boilers, propellers, local technical pool;
  • desalination plant Corrosion;
  • water system Corrosion;
  • treatment plant Corrosion;
  • corrosion on heating networks;
  • potential port infrastructure control cathodic protection;
  • Corrosion influenced by microorganisms of different metal materials or not ...

4- Research and Development:

Acs composites provides its customers a complete service of design and development controls.

Order development – Project Management

Every single order provides.

The corrosion control based on complex solutions related to :

  • execution of the drawings from Acs composites technical department;
  • parallel with sending the order the customer accepts the size of the tank or manufactured article and begins the construction of the tank body or manufactured article;
  • customer has to approve the construction drawing;
  • the accessories are fitted (manholes, flanged nozzles, brackets, etc.) in the positions indicated by the customer;
  • the tank or manufactured product passes to finishing department and post-polymerization;
  • the tank is stored in the warehouse.
Drawings on order

For each order, tank or other manufactured article, corresponds the sending of construction drawing to the customer.

The customer resends the drawing to Acs composites with the indication of the positions in plan and section of various accessories (manholes, flanged nozzles, brackets, etc.) and approves the drawing.

Drawings on order

Upon request and for each order, are executed pieces to customer drawing.

Also in this case, customer sends the approved draswing to Acs composites before the construction.

Drawings on customer code

Acs composites realize the drawing using customer encodes.

With this method we realize repetitive pieces on order, ensuring the quality of the pieces producted in series.

Analytical calculations

Upon customer request Acs composites is able to support the customer with analytical calculations that may concern :

  • the project of the tanks calculated according to various standards that globally transposing fiberglass FRP;
  • density;
  • temperature;
  • climatic conditions; wind, snow and earthquake;
  • verification of the single components of Acs composites manufactured articles;
  • calculations on the management of heating/cooling system in support of the tanks;
  • other calculations upon customer specific request;

5- FEM & Stress Analysis

Upon customer request Acs composites performs FEM on fiberglass or metal parts that are integrated or in support of the tanks/manufactured articles.